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Professional Services


Home Renovation / Remodel

A kitchen is the heart of a home and we like to make sure it stays that way. Regardless of your budget, a kitchen renovation can completely change the look and feel of your space. If your kitchen is needing a makeover we can help you achieve that goal.
The bathroom is usually the first place in your home you see in the morning and the last place you see before you go to bed. Making your bathroom an inviting space is extremely important and it’s just one of our specialties.
Whether it’s a man cave, a she shed or a family game room, if it’s a vision that you have for your personal space we can make that idea become a reality.  
The details sometimes make all the difference that is why we pride ourselves in providing professionally detailed trim carpentry work, such as crown and base molding, cabinets and counter tops, custom interior decorative paneling, flooring installation, shelving installation and more…
Designing a space can be an extremely personal process. By having our certified interior designer on hand, we are able to take your project from just a remodel to your perfect space. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that your home meets the style and functionality you desire.


Estimating, Scheduling & Design Consulting

A major element of KC Construction is our planning, estimating, and general consulting services for potential real estate opportunities. Schedule a consultation walk with KC Construction and we will highlight any existing challenges that will need to be addressed to tailor a property to your needs, desires, and vision. Deliverables to the visionary may include recognition of code incompliances, permitting requirements for future renovations, schedule timelines for the clients vision, preliminary budget estimates for each renovation. KC Construction is adamant to being transparent with the client and making sure there are no surprises around the corner. 

Blue Print

Construction Management

If you choose to have KC Construction lead your vision, you are choosing one of the top Project Managers in the Denver Metro Area for your team. He can take on any construction project, whether your job-site needs a new lead or just an experienced veteran that can guide your current team to the finish line; Kyle has the skills and work ethic to make this endeavor a smooth and memorable experience.

Space Planning
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